Working with any professional office in any field requires extensive research and excellent track record as well as references. Best-Care Billing Services is one of the three Select Certified Medical Billing Company in Southern California. This designation has so much gravity that under no circumstances we will jeopardize our reputation for any reason. Like a CPA or an attorney.

Following are most Frequently Asked Questions, should you have any other concerns, please contact us at your convenience.

How secure is our patient demographic information at Best-Care Billing Services?

We encourage new and potential clients to check our track record with the existing clients. Most of our clients have been enjoying their association with Best-Care Services for years. We designate a carrying case for each client and all of the billing materials get transferred from your office to ours by one of our own staff members. For those accounts that are not local, we arrange a courier service or we can transfer data via on-line/modem. We only need the copies of the patient demographic information once after that just the copies of the superbill.

Why should I use outside billing service rather than in-house-biller?

Since outside service is based on a contract and they get paid by percentage, it is certain that they will fight so hard to collect the last penny of every single claim, compare with in-house biller who is on payroll and by not following up properly their salary won’t get effected at all, nevertheless if you as a physician do not have the knowledge or the time to check your billers accuracy. Using our services means that we assign a group of expert billers that their daily routine is to properly follow-up, call insurance companies, answer patient calls, input all of the patient demographics and most important to make sure that the physician has filled out the superbill correctly.

In compare with in-house biller who can not perform all of the above mentioned duties by themselves to get your money from insurance companies between 2 to 3 weeks. By hiring us, you avoid overstaffing, hiring, training, health insurance cost, worker’s compensation cost social security and other employee benefits. In the event your employee leaves, your billing will also come to a halt until you find the right biller. No more non productive pay to your billing staff such as vacation, sickleave, maternity leave, new employee training—they all take their toll, don’t they. We only charge you a percentage of what we collect from insurance companies, no more non-productive time to pay for. Cost of software, hardware, equipment maintenance and repair, printer and typewriter ribbons, forms, postage and so forth, in-house claims processing is much more costly than you think, compare to an outside billing service.

How would Best-Care Billing Services benefit our cash flow?

As we evolve more into an era that new medical devices and equipment are being introduced to health providers, it is extremely essential to make sure these high tech devices are appropriate to use by physicians not only for medical reasons but also for full reimbursement from insurance companies. Best-Care Billing Services being one of the three Select Certified Medical Biller, has the knowledge to assist and direct any practice in using such devices for their patients which will result in increasing the bottom line.

Best-Care Billing Services is constantly updated with the ongoing changes of the health care industry and successfully collects fully every single claim by using the right procedure code and modifiers any successful operation our staff does vigorous follow-ups which guaranties maximum allowable collection from insurance companies including Medicare and Medical.

What other type of services do you provide?

Best-Care Billing Services is a full outside billing service that our expertise could utilize not only your front and back office, but we will be able to assist your office manager to enhance other areas of your practice. Usually when the load and responsibility of dealing with insurance companies have been taken away from the office manager they have the tendency of contributing their valuable time towards improving other areas such as new patient development and patient relations.

What kind of reports and forms can Best-Care Billing Services generate for our office?

Since Best-Care Billing Services has various practice clients therefore we have chosen a state of the art software system that not only has the full capability in generating many reports and forms, but we will be able to custom design any type of accounting reports to suit your specific needs. Please see the following table of contents:


  • Aged Receivable:
  • Detailed
  • Summary
  • Delinquent Report:
  • Detailed
  • Summary
  • Unapplied Credits


  • Transaction Daysheet


  • Monthly Journal
  • Yearly Journal
  • Revenue reports:
  • From Credited Charges
  • From Credited Payments
  • Capitation Reports:
  • Detailed
  • Summary
  • Production Analysis

  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Fact Sheet
  • Patient Visits


  • Scheduler Daily Report
  • Scheduler Overview


  • Referring Doctors


  • General Document


  • Pre-Processing Report


  • Electronic Remittance Status Report

How do you charge for your services?

Since no two practices are the same, some require different services than the other. We charge based on two methods, one based on percentage and the other based on a flat fee. This will be decided after our initial meeting.